Sex is the great, although rolling the sheets are great too, but there are still some options to ensure that it is really really great.

In the early morning mist, you are the most vulnerable and a new day has just begun. There is nothing better than having someone lying next to you and hugging you to make you feel loved.

Morning Sex is like eating chocolate cake for breakfast-decadent, indulgent and comfortable. Besides, who doesn’t want to stay in bed for a while?

The benefit is not only that it will make people uncharacteristically energetic all day long. Several studies have shown that Morning Sex people are healthier and happier. It is not deceiving to make you radiant after love.

Waking up for the eager lover is certainly 300 times better than being woken up by an alarm clock!

Here are the reasons why Morning Sex is the best sex:

Because you will remember it clearly

This is a win-win situation for you and your girlfriend who will go back to every detail.

Usually you can’t remember those clips at all, “I think um…not bad?”, “He’s very sexy, right? Did you see it?” But you can’t remember the details.

You can start a day full of energy

Morning Sex will make you (and your today) awesome! Researchers at Cincinnati University found that morning sex is a natural way to relieve stress, and these effects can last at least 7 days, which means that if you come to morning sex on Monday morning, it will help you eliminate Monday blue.

According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, an American research scientist and author of Because It Feels Good, Morning Sex also increases IgA (an antibody that helps fight infection), just like getting the vitamins you need every day…just more enjoyable.

You don’t need to go to the gym

A morning sex before taking a shower is a better choice, isn’t it? Scientists have confirmed that the calories burned by Ai Ai for an hour is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.

After one hour, men and women will burn 240 and 180 calories respectively.

However, this “sports” may be just wishful thinking, and partners must be willing to cooperate!

Does anyone want to start a new day with a climax?

Just like Christmas morning, there is a gift waiting for you to look forward to.

Because your clothes are long gone

This really speeds up the process, which is critical for weekday mornings.

Hear what the great philosopher Aristotle said: “If everyone is naked, there will only be one result-we should have sex.” Smart guy.